This species’ relationship with food has become complicated. Food has turned into a guilty pleasure. An obsession. An industry.

But at the core of it, Krishan and I believe food is more than that. Food is history. It’s tradition. An adventure.

Food is hard working people telling their stories.

At a Somalian restaurant in South Seattle, Krishan and I had this discussion about food and what it meant to us. We decided that we felt passionately enough about it that we should write it down, and that people should read it. While we were having this conversation, the waiter brought our lunch out. It was a plate of roasted goat meat and rice (a traditional Somalian dish), served alongside spaghetti (a holdover from Italy’s colonies in the country). It came with a banana and it had a very interesting name…

“Gentlemen, here it is,” the waiter said, ” Your Goat Federation.”


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    1. Back at you! Please let us know if you’re ever interested in collaborating in anything! We love Korean food and are interested in learning more about the culture surrounding it. Thank you again!


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