Kellen Burden:  

I grew up in Southern California and felt the urge at a fairly young age to let the sails down and see where the wind took me. I lived in Denver for a little while, bounced over to Portland, OR and finally ended up in Tacoma. Here, I felt the rainy embrace of the Pacific Northwest  and that anchor came down with a clatter and thud. 

I’m a man of fairly simple tastes. Give me a good book, some smooth jazz and something delicious to cram into my face and I will grow roots. 

Writing has been something that I’ve been obsessed with since I was 7 and I found out that I had to pick something to aspire to. I was never without a pen and paper, trying desperately to press the wild bucking of my imagination flat onto a page. 

Food too, has always been something that I’ve felt… Different about. I remember eating chicken gizzards fresh out of the fryer and slurping up boiled squid when my suburban friends were still turning their noses up at cheese that wasn’t Velveeta and bread that wasn’t Wonder. 

Last Meal on Earth?

Grandma’s fried chicken, Mom’s au gratin potatoes, Dad’s BBQ pork ribs, and my wife’s cold soba noodle salad. 

Favorite quote about food?

“I don’t know what it is, but I’m gon’ eat it.”- My Grandpa Kenny

Name of my memoir if I ever became a stripper?

Legal, Tender.

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Krishan Kumar:

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My passion for food comes from my longing to understand different cultures. I have always been intrigued by the diversity of the world and the topic of food has always given me comfort as something I could find common ground with almost anyone I’ve ever met. 

Growing up in the Fiji Islands, I had the benefit of trying different cuisines from a variety of cultures that called Fiji home. My family and I would frequently eat Indian, Fijian, Chinese, and British influenced meals; although, I didn’t learn to truly appreciate these meals until I moved out of my parents house. Since moving out, I have taken up the hobby of re-creating some of my childhood favorites with my own twist. 

Kellen and I are here to support local businesses by sharing their stories and culture. Thank you for stopping by our blog!

Last meal on earth?
My Mom and Dad’s curries, sushi, a Kobe ribeye steak with lobster mashed potatoes, BBQ ribs 

Celebrity chef crush? 

Francis Mallmann

Latest and greatest food discovery?

Bone marrow at Asadero Sinaloa in Kent.