Chillin’ with the Neighbor Lady


  Funky little video about a Seattle treasure that you may or may not know about. Neighbor Lady shares a parking lot with a local pot shop and most assuredly shares some of the clientele. When we first walked in, it seemed like it might be a pretty good place to get stabbed in the face, judging by the pool cues on the walls, the grunge on the speakers and the shadows in the corners. Turned out it was also a pretty good place to grab a sandwich. I punched a shrimp sandwich into my big stupid face, side of sweet potato fries. 

5 thoughts on “Chillin’ with the Neighbor Lady

  1. Hey bros, not in cap hill. Go back to Bellevue where you can park your escalade without the fear of “getting stabbed in the face”.


  2. Go back from wherever you came from. We hate you. Maybe you should find a better place to get stabbed in your stupid, clueless face.


    1. Damn. Kinda cranked it up to 11 on that one, huh? Anyway, our author grew up here and loves that area but knows a lot of people who avoid it because of the crime. We’re trying to introduce places like this to people who inherently avoid them just based on the neighborhood. Get some cash in The Neighbor Lady’s pockets. We’re not trying to turn people away.


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